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NHS Royal New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton

  • Main Contractor: ROK
  • Investment Value: £890k

Working to a specification produced by KEG Consultants, we worked closely with Foster Coldstores whose temperature controlled store, prep and assembly rooms formed the hub of the CPU.

Work began on site in April, with handover and staff training taking place in September.

We also found ourselves working with various suppliers of specialist unfamiliar equipment; some of which proved challenging from a lifting and installation point of view. (A hired engine hoist proved useful on one occasion).

Aside from the refrigeration areas of the building, we carried out the bulk of the install with just two engineers, only bringing in extra engineers for the delivery and install of the larger items of cooking equipment.

The £890k project did not require a full time presence on-site, due mainly to the close working relationship with ROK Construction and the NHS Trust which resulted in the successful handover of a 990sq metre facility capable of producing 3000 meals per day.

However, with just a couple of minor changes to some of the prime cooking equipment, this kitchen could produce up to 5000 meals per day.

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    NHS Royal New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton

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