Project Management

KCCJ project manages as part of a complete solution that includes concept design through to building and installation or can act independently as a project management company overseeing other contractors engaged by the client.

We have successfully project managed some of the largest catering installation contracts in the UK and our staff have a wealth of experience in every aspect of catering design to implementation of the most suitable equipment.


Concept Design

Concept Design is a key area that we have an abundance of knowledge with thousands of design projects completed we have the ability to either create a design that works for you or check a design you have already completed to make sure it will work and offer advice on improving that design if feasible.


Catering Installation

Installation or Fit Out  is a key component to creating a working food preparation environment. At KCCJ we have completed some of the most complex catering installations using our knowledge of how food should be prepared, workflow and delivery. We even have our own chef in house to oversee this important aspect of every project.


Catering Equipment Purchase

Equipment purchase as part of a project management task ensures you get the right equipment for the job you need it to do. Using our extensive experience in catering equipment procurement we can assist you with what’s best for your intended food delivery and scalability‚Äč


Commissioning and training on the equipment is the final stage and we assist you right up to opening your doors. 

Key to the success of every project we undertake is a clear communication channel between the client, the design team and the installation team. Contact KCCJ to discuss your requirements, we would be happy to visit you on site or at your offices to discuss how we can make your new catering installation project a reality.