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Commercial Kitchen, Catering and Restaurant Equipment

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Give your business an advantage with the right commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment. We’ll recommend and supply the catering appliances which match your needs, and with expert knowledge design knowledge ensuring they’ll make the most of the space available.

We’ll also include your future plans and growth to ensure your kitchen equipment can handle increases in demand for years to come.

Why Choose KCCJ to Supply Your Commercial Kitchen?

Working from initial designs to finished kitchens for some of the UK’s largest catering projects has meant building close relationships with the leading suppliers of commercial kitchen equipment.

Our contacts mean we can arrange incredible prices on your behalf, whether you’re looking for a complete refit or just to upgrade some of your existing facilities. And we offer the same skills in negotiation and procurement for all clients, regardless of the size of your business.

We will also work with the leading commercial kitchen equipment brands to develop custom-made solutions when they’re needed. So you get the best possible appliances and equipment, even if it means creating something unique for your business.

Whether you need cookers and catering overs, commercial refrigeration, glass and dish washers or anything else, we can supply it.

Let KCCJ Save You Time and Money

When sourcing your commercial kitchen equipment, we always take sustainability and efficiency into account. Not only will your new equipment be more efficient, but our installation teams are able to fit and upgrade power and electrical systems. The result is a catering facility which is safe, reliable, and uses less energy. Which means lasting savings on your bills.

We will also ensure you have the right health and safety features installed to meet all current regulations. That will protect your staff, customers, and your facilities, if something happens. And our ongoing equipment repair and maintenance services will give you complete peace of mind

With more than 30 years of experience working from initial design to full-operational kitchens, we can accommodate any type of catering service. From military installations, public services and Government buildings to restaurants and hospitality businesses, KCCJ will take complete care of the smallest details when it comes to your kitchen equipment.