Food Business Design

Our Commercial Kitchen & Food Business Design Services can be utilised for small outlets in isolation, across a large venue or chain, or for bespoke restaurants and eateries.

We use the latest 3D imaging technology to ensure we meet the BIM Level 2 introduced by the UK Government, which allows better visualisations of new designs, and makes collaboration more efficient. It’s also required by our continued work on Government facilities, military bases, schools and colleges.

The benefit of our investment in 3D imagery also includes a central hub archive which stores designs for more than a decade, enabling clients and contractors to easily refer back to original schematics. It also allows for faster, more effective collaboration, whether that’s with external architects, structural engineers and contractors, or our own KCCJ Construction and Equipment teams.

Working across a wide range of food services, we’re able to use the latest technology and innovations to reduce costs in a number of ways. Efficient design and equipment selection allows for energy savings, with our Construction team able to fulfil any requirements for rewiring and cabling. We also apply innovation to reducing and removing kitchen waste so our clients can remain ahead of any forthcoming legislation. And obviously reducing energy usage and waste also improve the environmental credentials of our clients, as well as making their business more profitable.

Commercial Kitchen Design

The cost of inefficient design in a commercial kitchen is evident when chefs and staff are walking around rather than working. Improving the layout and workflow can reduce the team members needed, as well as the stress and frustration than can affect productivity.

We also know how to display a kitchen in the best light. The trend for open kitchens, visible to customers, means informed choices of the right culinary steps to display, and the right way to disguise and hide areas such as the bins or pot washing areas.

If required, we can work with equipment manufacturers to create bespoke solutions for your unique challenges. That can be delivering thousands of meals or drinks in minutes, or cooking safely in a pop-up venue or small space where ventilation isn’t easily achievable. Working with our Equipment team can allow our technology solutions to not only solve issues, but even become design features where appropriate.

Front of House Design

Food Business Design

For customers, an effective design can make an even larger difference to your business. Establishing the right atmosphere is crucial in any type of food service. Signage, lighting, fittings and fixtures should all work together to deliver an enjoyable experience.  In conjunction with our operational plans, we’ll create something which can support your goals, whether that’s for a fast turnaround or somewhere diners will want to linger.

In a competitive food and beverage industry, it’s important for your brand to be carried through everything associated with it. Our design concepts can include overall themes, specific features to evoke the right brand associations, and details such as uniforms or place settings. These elements will work together to reinforce your message to your customers.

Effective Design Delivery:

Our 3D imagery and designs are usable by our in-house Equipment & Construction teams, or by any external architect or contractor. We work with documentation matching the requirements of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and our central design hub will store all designs for 10+ years as a reference and back-up for any future changes.

With our visualisations, you’ll get to see what the customer and staff will experience before any work has begun. And we’ll be able to ensure that what is delivered will be what you and your customers need.