Commercial Food Concepts & Consultancy

There has never been a better time to speak to us about a new food business, or updating your current catering facilities.

The rise of street food trucks, stalls and counters has lowered the barrier to entry for new cuisines and smaller companies. That’s been matched by growing consumer interest in artisan and craft products. If you’re starting your first venture into a food business, it’s never too early to speak to us for insight and feedback into the viability of your idea. We know how hard it can be to get impartial advice in the early stages of building your new food empire. So why not benefit from our experience?

Food and Beverage

Restaurants also have to evolve to stand out with customers now hungry for a wider range of menus and experiences from around the world. With a substantial investment required for city centre eateries, you need to ensure that your business plan and food will be successful. KCCJ has worked with some of the most prestigious chefs, brands and restaurants. Our research and initial concept consultancy will help to define what you need in order to attract customers.

We can help you think about every aspect of your new business. Our work will focus on the most effective and efficient design and equipment. But with such broad market knowledge and an in-house chef, we can assist you with sourcing ingredients and suppliers, refining your menu, payment systems and staff uniforms. And our financial modelling and operational plans will help you to secure financing and investment when you need it.

If you have an existing food service business, then it may be time for an Operational Audit. Contact us for an honest appraisal of your current situation, and how we can improve your efficiency, reduce physical waste, and improve your staff effectiveness. Working with restaurant and hotel chains, the savings across multiple catering establishments can be substantial.  

Whatever size of food business you operate, we can consult on the best ways to lower your costs and increase your profits. Further benefits can include being more environmentally friendly, reducing staffing requirements, and updating the customer experience to attract new and repeat business.