Commercial Catering Development

Establishing a new commercial food service takes a wealth of detailed planning. Our Development & Consultancy will support you in everything needed to bring your business to life, or to revamp an existing catering operation.

Catering Development

We’ll develop your concept into a detailed plan which will include finances, operations and inform the final design of your business.

From street food to fine dining, the basic principles of efficiency and effective delivery are the same. But the expectations and demands of the customers will be vastly different.

KCCJ can offer financial modelling to establish what your profit and loss will be for different levels of custom. This can then be improved by adjusting your layout and design, equipment and operational plan.

The biggest time waster in a commercial kitchen is time wasted walking around – this alone can result in needing an additional member of staff or more.

This financial planning and the resulting savings can provide vital encouragement to investors, lenders and board members. Which prevents projects from being delayed or even cancelled before they start.

The experience of our in-house chef allows us to go further and look at your menu for ways to improve your business. Often we can suggest cost-effective ingredients, or negotiate a better rate with suppliers, without compromising on the quality of your final product. And as part of our Design and Equipment processes, we know what is possible in terms of stock ordering, transportation and storage.

Various factors can impact your business. We’ll take into account seasonality (both for customers and ingredients), and varying levels of business throughout the day. Our experience with sports and entertainment venues has resulted in innovations that can service thousands of customers in just 30 minute breaks. And we’re able to deliver radical new solutions to ensure it happens reliably every time.

In addition to developing the design of your new commercial food business, we’ll also look at everything down to the smallest finishing touches. Our development isn’t limited to the latest equipment and finishes for fixtures and fittings – we can also look at items such as staff uniforms, provide bespoke fabrication via our Construction division, or even work with equipment manufacturers to deliver a unique solution just for your business.