Commercial Success Comes From Putting the Customer First

Our concept, development and design consultancy can help you to create a successful commercial catering business from the initial idea stages. More than 40 years of experience in delivering viable and profitable solutions combine with the latest food and beverage trends. Incorporating the latest design technology and standards such as BIM Level 2 means we can work as a standalone consultancy complying with Royal Institute of British Architect documentation, or work with our Construction division to project completion.

From street food and pop-up installations to the most prestigious dining for hotels, venues and restaurants, we can tailor our service to your budget and requirements.

Evaluating Food Business Concepts

We’re happy to help you from the very early stages of your idea.

Our knowledge and experience of the food industry in the UK and beyond enables us to help evaluate your concept and business plan.  We’ll advise you if we believe your business has a chance of becoming successful, and can go on to help develop what you offer in terms of menus, recipes and more to give you the best efficiency and profitability.

Our work has included almost every type of cuisine and dining experience from single item food counters to Michelin starred restaurants, hotel groups and prestigious venues. That gives us valuable insights into what will work for your business, your staff, and most importantly, your customers.

Are your volumes and ordering realistic? Have you accounted for surges and lulls in demand throughout the day? Will there be seasonal variations in trade, and are there ways to make up for any shortfall?

Could your coffee shop add snacks or other products to boost profits or ease potential frustration during busy periods? We base our advice on years working with both individual outlets and the largest beverage chains in the UK.

The recent trend for street food and pop-up installations requires specific solutions. Our close relationships with commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers mean we can work with the smallest, and mobile spaces. We’ll suggest the latest technology and cooking methods which require the minimum of work to operate safely, and can be installed and removed quickly. 

Catering Business Development

KCCJ can provide a complete business development and consultancy service covering every area of your new food operation.

Our in-house head chef is able to work with you to refine your menu, including ingredients and cooking techniques.

He’ll also cover areas which can be overlooked, such as emergency planning – which can be costly if neglected.

His experience and contacts can often assist in sourcing cheaper alternative suppliers and ingredients which can satisfy large customer numbers without compromising on quality.

Our equipment and technology recommendations will save costs by design. Operational Audits will conserve energy and reduce your bills, and use the latest innovations to reduce waste. Human resource costs will be reduced by intelligent placement of all equipment. And we also cover the front-of-house to ensure efficient, pleasurable and repeatable dining experiences.

Our Operational Plans will look at all areas of your business, including Financial Modelling, to ensure your business has the best possible route to success.

Commercial Food Service Design

All commercial kitchen and front-of-house designs use the latest in 3D Imaging Technology. This complies with the BIM Level 2 standard required by the UK Government and a growing number of clients.

The benefits for you include a 10+ year accessible design archive, enhanced visualisations of the concept and design to help spot potential problems and clashes, and a standard process which improves collaboration with architects, structural engineers and other professions. And this is all part of a process which actually speeds up the design stage!

Our designs let you experience your new catering and commercial food business from the perspective of both the customer and staff. For example, which elements would you want to see in an open plan kitchen, whilst hiding areas such as bins and cleaning stations? We’ll create a vision and atmosphere which emphasises the elements you want to impact on your diners.

Not only can we collaborate with outside contractors, but if you then go on to let KCCJ fulfil the build and fit-out, you benefit from further savings and efficiency. Our relationship with our construction team means potential hold-ups can be avoided, decisions can be made and acted on quickly, and any changes will result in minimal disruption. If particular care needs to be taken during installation or on-site fabrication is required, this can be factored into the design stage. And post-installation snagging can be delivered promptly.